Let ‘s look at the preparation of typical dishes of Gallura and Sardinia!

One of these is the “Zuppa Gallurese” or “Suppa cuatta”. Used in the past as a first course for both the lower classes and those high, the soup was the main dish of all marriages of Gallura. The dish is in itself very simple, but the preparation is very careful and accurate especially as regards the final consistency of the soup and the genuineness of the ingredients used! To better understand let ‘s look at this video of the preparation of the famous “Zuppa Gallurese”.


In the Gallura cooking there are obviously the desserts, a typical dessert par excellence are the “Acciuleddi”. These appear as small pasta braids, which are fried and brush with plenty of honey!


And finally can’t miss the famous Sardinian Suckling Pig “Porcetto”, typical not only of Gallura, but the whole island!


The difference from the other pork roast is in the use of a suckling pig with an age between 40 and 60 days, with a weight comprised between 6 and 10 kilograms. The little pig after being cleaned is skewered with a big spit and located 50 cm from the coals… Even better if you have available an electric rotisserie, so you avoid turn, manually! The Suckling Pig is ready when the rind is beautiful golden!