Since more than thirty years ago Peppino Fumagalli fell in love with this corner of San Teodoro, Puntaldìa, several things have changed. He transformed it in a beautiful and refined residential complex perfectly integrated with the environment, with a Marina, a nice Piazzetta and many services.

Architects Gamondi and Antonioli with many business man and workers of San Teodoro, helped the development of Puntaldìa. They still remember those years with passion and pride.


Visit Puntaldìa

Its charm will leave you speechless. Once arrived here you will notice the attention to details, the green, beautiful gardens intertwined with the Mediterranean scrub and the architecture that recalls the traditional Gallura houses in perfect harmony with modern elements.

If you love the sea you have the opportunity to visit the Marina and beaches. The Marina is located at the entrance of the village and it hosts boats from 5 to 24 meters, here you can satisfy your passion for boats and sea.

The main beach is the other way, following the signs you will arrive at the parking, both free and paid. From here, on foot, you can choose to go in the south part, where the beach is wider and with services, or take the beaten track between the Mediterranean scrub and go in a smaller bay. Puntaldìa beach is ideal when there is wind from the north.

Do you play golf? Here you can do it on a stunning nine-hole golf course that overlooks the sea, for a unique sporting experience. To complete the visit we recommend a walk in the piazzetta, especially in the evening, where you can make shopping, take a drink, have lunch or dinner and enjoy the beautiful view of the harbor and the sea.