San Teodoro is one of the most famous resorts of the north-east coast of Sardinia, not only for its beaches but also because here you are having fun. Everybody, young and adults, know it, everyone wants to come to San Teodoro, go to Bal Harbour, Ambra Night, Luna Glam and spend the evening in one of the pub of the centre.

Bars and pubs of the centre organize fantastic shows with live music and you can drink, eat, dance, sing, meet new people, in short, the fun is guaranteed.

Many pubs organize shows with live bands or DJ set: Punto Zero Café, The Bistrò, Bar Malù, La Posta, New Era. If you don’t believe, take a tour you and you will not want to go away.

Colors and atmosphere of the evening market, music, beautiful people , shops open until late, shows and exhibitions . And in the middle of the town center we stop all to observe the street performers, some motionless, such as stuffed, other playing harps as they were at La Scala, jugglers and others.

San Teodoro’s nightlife deserves its reputation, seeing is believing. What are you waiting for???