The staff of takes you to do the horseback ride organized by the Riding “La Cinta” – San Teodoro.
Handling, active since 1984, it is located in San Teodoro, a short walk from the famous La Cinta beach, and organizes suggestive horse ride to ‘dawn or sunset, as well as riding lessons for all levels.
For the horse ride you can choose between the times of the early morning or in the evening, in both cases the view will accompany your walk will be stunning … peaceful surroundings and beautiful colors.


To welcome you to the stables you will find Salvatore, Serena and Filippo who will guide you throughout your walk. Salvatore Fideli, is a great expert of the territory and always participates representing the City in various events and horse races like the one of the star in Olbia during the feast of San Simplicio, in addition to being a reference point of the knights of the patron San Teodoro.

It’s necessary to arrive at the stables a few minutes before the horse ride to organize everything and learn the basics to be able to make the horse ride.
After the trial lesson it exits the handling and begins the path from the lagoon of San Teodoro. Totally immersed in the vegetation, small footpaths of shrubs and junipers, we can hear all the scents of the Mediterranean. The horse ride continues along the shore of the pond, which shimmers with the reflection of the sun on a sand spit that divides the forming small pools … Here you can see the famous pink flamingos, herons, mallards, coots, and other animal species found in the lagoon. The surrounding landscape is constantly changing in colors, scents and sounds!

menggio 2

After a half hour you arrive to the majestic dunes and you begin to glimpse the white beach of La Cinta still deserted… The contrast of the blue sea and of the pond they create a unique setting!

maneggio 3

The last part of the continuous path through the vegetation of the lagoon and then get back to the stables.
The walk takes about an ‘hour and a half, the path is simple and also great for beginners or those who have never gone horseback. Also Savior and Philip are always vigilant and careful that everything goes perfectly.
The times of the excursions are as follows: 7am- 9:30 am- 19:00 pm. Is required reservation.
For more experienced riders will be able to carry out short time trotting and galloping, in which case you need to communicate it while booking.
It is also advisable to bring comfortable clothing consists of closed shoes and long pants. The handling staff will give the Cap (helmet).
The riding school also organizes lessons and rides for children at the stable with ponies and small horses, even without a reservation. Upon request, the horse is attached to the horse-drawn carriage, for the entertainment of children.

Give a ‘look at our Video for a few minutes and enjoy the beauty of the excursion and if you have made you a little’ curiosity book and rest assured that you will not regret!

For info and booking
phone: +39 0784 851007 cell: +39 338 8228984 

Reached on foot for those who live near the Cinta or downtown.