Behind the town of San Teodoro there is a imposing mountain: Monte Nieddu.

The name of the mountain comes from the dense and dark vegetation that covers it (in Sardinian means Black Mountain) the “Punta Magghjori” rises up to 970 meters above sea level. The view from the top is breathtaking…

centro escursioni san teodoro

You can visit the mountain in various ways and by different means, on foot, on horseback, in off-road or mountain bike, of course each medium has its own itinerary.
The cycling route of about 15 km, takes place on the dirt road (with some parts in cement) to the tip of the summit and then continue on the other side leading back to the starting point, the hike can be done instead on the ancient way of charcoal where they meet the pitches still blackened after more than a century in granite stone paths suitable to the era tanks.
For the difficulty of some steep slopes and dense vegetation we recommend practicing this type of sport using suitable equipment and in the presence of hiking guides in the area.
Technical information:
the difference in height is about 460 meters and the total length of the route is about 15 kilometers; a couple of kilometers more to reach the top of the mountain peak. The slope varies from a minimum of about 7% to an estimated maximum of about 20% on the road mostly unpaved, there is no shortage, however, of whether the concrete in the most tormented switchbacks.

centro escursioni san teodoro

Below we present the various centers that organize excursions on the mountain:

Natalibera offers guided tours and excursions to the Monte Nieddu with transfers in 4×4 vehicles. They are made available Hiking poles.
Via del Tirreno
Mobile +39 347.3127406 – +39 339.6907767 –

Sardigna by Bike offers routing solutions suitable for all bikers. They organize half-day or full day. Provides MTB front suspended and helmet. In autumn and winter it is advisable to contact for time staff of Sardinia By Bike.
Mobile: +39 338/7757563.

Natura Viva is an equestrian center that offers tours and riding lessons with the possibility of combining refreshments. They also offer tours by jeep and trekking routes.
Loc. Budditogliu – font Aresula.
Mobile: +39 349 4073218 – +39 349 1542053

Video by Natalibera:

Ph by: Centro Escursioni San Teodoro