The Staff of in the excursion with the boat “Lianti” in the beautiful lagoon of San Teodoro, organized by ‘Orizzonti di Gallura’.  The association, founded in 2011 operates in the territory of San Teodoro, and with the aid of a boat offers a nature tour in Lagoon, recently included in the list of special areas of conservation of Community Importance ( SIC ), one of the largest wetlands in the north of Sardinia.


To welcome us on the boat we find Manuel and guide Anna Rita , both qualified skilled persons.
Once on the boat Manuel gives us directions on what places to occupy in order to balance the weight of the boat, then we each take one of the binoculars made available and on with tour!
The day is beautiful, and the colors of the sun reflecting on the water make everything heavenly.


Immediately we begin to see many species of birds, gulls, coots, cormorants, herons, kestrels, kingfishers, marsh harrier and the support of Manuel and Anna Rita manage to spot them even in clean areas that see them up close with powerful binoculars. Obviously can not miss the majestic pink flamingos , the symbol of the lagoon, grouped in the various creeks in groups of 15 or so.
All immersed in a suggestive corner of the region between rocks forged by the wind, named with funny names for their particular form, we have the ” hippopotamus “, the” pig ” and the ” dromedary “! The lagoon is also home to different types of fish, sea bass, soiole, mullets, they are discovered right away thanks to the large circles that leave on the surface.



Once finished the trip on the water of the lagoon we stop (10 minutes) to La Cinta beach. As you arrive by boat you can immediately notice the wide variety of Mediterranean plants such as cork oaks, junipers, brooms, junipers, mastic, etc …
What strikes our attention is a great juniper secular bent over because of the strong mistral wind typical of the area.


Then again we find the mastic which, as he explains the guide, was used in ancient times to derive, from the cooking of small berries, a used oil often as a replacement to ‘normal oil. And finally the everlasting , which is used by grandmothers to create perfumes to put in cabinets and perfume linen, or to obtain essential oils useful for healthy skin, the scent is very intense and recognizable. Finally the beautiful White Lily of the sea, very rare and delicate flower …


On this side of La Cinta is amazing… the water glistens with sunlight and the peace that you feel is unexplainable, you only hear the sound of the sea … Being on the side of the entrance opposite the beach (La Cinta is long almost 5 km) is definitely less crowded even during peak hours.


The tour is suitable for everyone, young people, families and children. If you do not want to leave early in the morning or in the hours of strong hot it is recommended the ‘hike of 20.00 in the company of the sunset.

Below we show the schedules Excursions:
Departure from Pischera Morning *:
07:30 to 08:30 – 9:30 to 10:30
17:00 to 18:00 – 19:00 to 20:00
* (Unless adverse weather conditions)

How long is the tour?
The duration of the tour by boat is about 45 min.

How much?
The price of the tour is € 15.00 and it is advisable to book:
tel: 366 531 9797- 392 606 7904- 340 482 5681 email:

From where you take the boat?
Departure is from Peschiera of San Teodoro, very easy to get to, just take the SS125 to get to Olbia Location Lu Fraili and turn the Bivio Pischera. After covering a piece of dirt srada you will see signs for ‘dedicated to the boat area with free parking area!


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