You can find the testimonies of our past in the important cultural centre not far from the city centre, the Sea Museum I.Ci.Mar

Your passion for culture

The small but important archaeological museum located in via Niuloni encloses the precious archaeological remains found in the territory. Concrete evidences of our past that come from the seabed of the coast of San Teodoro, Loiri Porto San Paolo and Budoni or donated by citizens sensitive to their own history.

You will find cataloged artifacts dating from the Punic period, the first imperial age, the Middle Ages and the modern age. Traces that testify a past rich in relationships with people overseas and the dense network of maritime trade.

You can admire the tremisse golden Byzantine age, the fragment of a Roman helmet, the treasure, the amphorae.

It has recently been published the first catalog of the archaeological exhibits in the museum. This important book, “San Teodoro: history of a coastal town of Gallura, the territory and the Museum” by Paola Mancini and Antonio Sanciu, has been printed thanks to the contribution of the Fondazione Banco di Sardegna.


Your passion for reading

If you are passionate about books you can read some good books even during your holiday in San Teodoro, in our library, close to the Museum (you can reach it following via del Tirreno towards La Cinta beach, turning right into the large roundabout).

A section of classic literature, literature for children and infants and one dedicated to our island, textbooks and novels of Sardinian authors and publishers.


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